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The Bay Area Association of Medical Instrumentation (formerly Suncoast Biomedical Society) was founded in the 1990's, by a group of Biomed technicians and Clinical engineers, willing to share their experiences and skills with fellow technicians in the Tampa Bay area.

BAAMI was re-established in April 8, 2005, as a chapter of the Florida Biomedical Society (FBS). We are interested in continuing learning about the advancement of biomedical equipment technology. The Association encourages a free exchange of information between Bmets, hospitals, vendors, and all people that is interested in this great field. Biomedical Society's Objectives:

• To promote, encourage and advance the training of Biomedical Professionals.

• To offer guidance and suggestions to those persons and organizations involved with biomedical education, certification, and employment.

• To cooperate with and assist all persons and organizations who are interested in the betterment of the Biomedical Profession.

• To disseminate ideas and solutions to problems to its membership.

• To assist members in the growth and development of their biomedical programs by regular exchange of information, ideas, and experience through training programs and symposiums.

• To establish contact and promote better communication between manufactures and Biomedical Instrumentation Departments.

• To promote improved understanding and cooperation with institutional administrations. We invite you to attend our monthly meetings, where speakers from different biomed companies provide you with information about new technologies.


865 N. Village Dr. #205
St. Petersburg, FL 33716

BAAMI Officers 2013

President: Carlos R. Villafañe, CBET, CET
Treasurer: Tim Williams, CBET
Secretary: Iris Orihuela
FBS State Representative: Alberto J. Pérez
Webmaster: Carlos Villafañe, CBET, CET