Biomed: From the Student's Perspective


Author: Carlos R. Villafane, CBET, CET (c)2009 Biomed: From the Student's Perspective

This book is the English Translation of "Biomédica: Desde la Perspectiva del Estudiante".

The purpose of this book is to give the reader a general idea of what the Biomedical or "Clinical Engineering" Field is about. It's directed to Electronics/Biomedical students in very easy to understand terms, with more than a hundred illustrations.

It helps the students to familiarize with the repair and maintenance of Medical Equipment, and explains how important the Biomed Department is in every health care facility. It is an excelent tool for Biomed/Electronics teachers too.

ISBN # 978-1-61539-663-4,

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About the author:

Carlos Villafane currently resides in Tampa, FL. He has been involved in the Electronics field since 1989 and has worked for companies such as Panasonic, GE Medical and Baycare Health System, among others. He has studies in Electronics and Biomedical Engineering technologies, and a BS in Technical Management. He’s the President and webmaster for the Bay Area Association of Medical Instrumentation ( in Tampa Bay, FL.

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• ISBN # 978-1-61539-663-4

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