Technology Assessment is the study and evaluation of new medical technologies. It is based on the conviction that new developments within, and discoveries by, the scientific medical community are relevant for the world at large rather than just for the scientific medical experts themselves, and that technological progress can never be free of ethical implications. Therefore any results of technology assessment studies must be published, and particular consideration must be given to communication with political decision-makers.

More complex and highly integrated medical devices necessitate a well-structured technology assessment process as part of the overall equipment planning for the hospital. This activity includes a multidisciplinary team of stakeholders with the necessary knowledge and expertise to address the needs of patients, users and support teams when selecting a safe and effective technology that will also provide an optimum ROI ‘s (Return on Investment) for the hospital.  

The Clinical Engineer subsequently sets up the desired clinical trials and designs appropriate evaluation tools to gather feedback from the users. If the clinical trial is successful, the results along with the results from the technical and financial evaluations will be presented to the hospital administration.[1] 


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